Mortgage Fees & Charges

This tariff provides details of the fees and charges that apply to your Pepper Money or Pepper Homeloans mortgage loan (the ‘Loan’) and should be read in conjunction with the offer letter issued to you (the ‘Offer Letter’) and the Pepper Homeloans General Loan Conditions (the ‘Loan Conditions’), which provide information about your Loan, and the interest rates and fees and charges that may apply.

Pepper Money and Homeloans fees:

Arrangement fee0.50% of the Loan Amount subject to a maximum of €1,800.00Per mortgage loan
Third party authorisation letter€13.00Per request
Statement on request€6.00Per request
Alteration to mortgage terms€70.00Per alteration
Direct debit alteration€13.00Per alteration
Copy of document€6.35Per document
Unpaid instalment€12.00Per unpaid instalment
Reminder letter on unpaid fees€10.00Per letter
Call out fee (inclusive of all relevant third party charges)€70.00Per call out
Tracing fee (inclusive of all relevant third party charges)€80.00Per request
Scheduling fee€38.00Per request
Mortgage deed sealing fee€38.00Per request

Third Party Fees:

You may have to pay third party costs and fees which are incurred by Pepper Money or Pepper Homeloans in the instruction of third parties and are directly payable by you in relation to your loan and the mortgage.


Valuation fee€150
Structural survey fee (if required)€500.00 – €1,000.00
(dependent upon degree of inspection required)
Legal fees*(Buy to Let only)€1,550.00 inclusive of outlays
* This fee relates to the Pepper Money or Pepper Homeloans’ legal costs in relation to the security over the property/properties to be secured. It does not relate to any cost incurred by Pepper Money or Pepper Homeloans in respect of, arising from or in connection with, the legal investigation of title to that property/those properties.
Buildings insurance lapsed fee€81.00 per €100,000.00 outstanding on the loan, (payable per annum).
Example: Balance Outstanding on loan of €250,000, €81.00 x 2.5 = €202.50 payable per annum


Please note – in accordance with the Code of Conduct on Mortgage Arrears (‘CCMA’), neither Pepper Money, nor Pepper Homeloans will impose any charges and/or surcharge interest on arrears arising on a mortgage account that is in arrears to which the CCMA applies. Further details in relation to arrears are set out in the Offer Letter and the Loan Conditions.

Early repayment charges

Please note that additional costs and fees may be incurred if you choose to repay your loan early. Information on early repayment costs and fees and when they might apply can be found on the Offer Letter and the Loan Conditions.