Reference Interest Rates

If your loan references a rate such as European Central Bank (ECB) rate, Euribor or Libor, please refer to the table below for the applicable reference rates.

These rates apply as of date of publication and do not include your lender’s lending margin which is added to give the gross rate applicable to the individual loan. Individual loan repayment amounts shall be revised where applicable in line with these rate movements and this information will have been provided to you in your loan documentation at the time of drawdown, and which may be amended by agreement from time to time.

Where the reference rate is negative a minimum rate of zero percent plus your applicable margin may apply subject to the terms and conditions of your loan.

These rates are published to comply with the Consumer Protection Code, (for personal consumers) and the Lending to Small & Medium Sized Enterprises Regulations 2015 (for non-personal consumers).

Rates as at 16.07.2018

Period New Rate % Old Rate %
EUR1M  – 0.370  – 0.370
EUR3M  – 0.321  – 0.321
GBP1M  0.5575  0.5566
GBP3M  0.7368  0.7309
USD1M  2.0755  2.0716
USD3M  2.336  2.3392
ECB 0 0