Why Pepper Money

So all mortgage lenders are the same right? Not so!At Pepper Money we look at the person, not just the paperwork. We’re not about how you fit into a regimented system, we’re about doing our best to find a home loan suitable for you.

Clearly, a lot of thinking and planning goes into buying a home, and it can sometimes be a little daunting. That’s why we’ve made sure the process is as simple and streamlined as we possibly can.

We assess your situation on your own individual merits, which means we can help find a home loan to fit your needs, even in cases where your situation might not be typical of most.

So whether you’re a first time buyer, on the move, looking to switch or buying an investment property, Pepper Money is here to help you today.

Our History

Pepper Money is part of the Pepper Group of companies. The group was born in Australia back in 2001 and now has operations in Ireland, the UK, Spain, South Korea and, of course, Australia. Pepper first came to Ireland in 2012 and since then has built up a strong business, employing over 450 people across our two offices in Dublin and Shannon.

We’re here to offer something different to people looking to buy a home – a lender that looks at every case on its merits and treats every customer as an individual. It’s just the Pepper way.

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