Our handy mortgage calculator will give you a good indication of what you can borrow to buy your new home. If you have a property in mind, we can also tell you what it will cost you per month in repayments.

Our mortgage adviser team are waiting to take your call. We’ll run through some questions with you over the phone that’ll help us get your application moving. If you can have a think about the following in advance, it’ll make your call even faster! We’ll ask about:

  • The house – if you’ve chosen a property, what it costs and the mortgage you need
  • Your income – the average net amount you earn each month
  • Your outgoings – what you spend each month on things like food, clothing, insurance, utilities, transport, childcare and entertainment.
  • Your borrowings – any credit cards or personal loans you have and the balance on them
  • Your deposit – how much you’ve got as a deposit for the house and how you built it up
  • Previous arrears – if you’ve had arrears on any borrowings in the past and how they came about
  • Previous addresses – if you’ve lived where you are now for less than three years

And of course, if there’s two of you applying we’ll also need the other applicant’s details. Having this information ready will make the call so much easier and ensure that you receive our decision on your application even faster.

Once we’ve run through the initial questions and if you qualify for the amount you need, your Approval in Principle will be ready in just 24 hours. Now you can house hunt with confidence!

This is also a good time to choose a solicitor to help you with the legal aspects of buying a home.

To move your application on, we’ll need to see certain documents that prove things like your identity and your income. Our team will let you know exactly what is required in your particular case. To prove your income please provide a P60 and some recent payslips. Three month’s current bank account statements are almost always required, and you can get these from your online banking facility. If you have any personal loans, credit cards or other mortgages, statements for these will also be needed.
We’ll also need a valuation to be carried out on the home you want to buy – we’ve a panel of valuers who will get this done. This will cost €150 to complete. Once the requested documents and valuation have been received and checked, we’ll issue you and your solicitor with a formal Letter of Offer.
You will need to visit your solicitor to review the Letter of Offer, and if you’re happy, you’ll sign it. Your solicitor will then send a signed copy of the Letter of Offer back to Pepper Money. You’re nearly there!
Life and home insurance are usually required before you can complete your mortgage. You can get these policies from most of the main insurance companies or from your main bank.
You will have to pay your deposit when contracts are exchanged. Your solicitor will tell you how to do this.
Once all the steps above have been completed, we’ll issue the loan cheque to your solicitor – who will send it to the seller’s solicitor.
All that’s left to do is pick up the keys to your new home and open that door for the first time!